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  • hithesh 2 years ago


  • m-a-s-haneef 4 years ago

    sir actually i'm a son of m.a.sardar of bellary so i hear a lot about u so once i wnt to meet u boss :)

  • lakshmi 4 years ago

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday, we hope to see you in lead roles atleast in the future, why r u taking a backseat in films. We want you to show yourself up in public again. Build your earlier image again,you are really not that old to retire yet!!

  • shashi-kumar 4 years ago

    sir iam big fan of your style and dance,fight no one can change your super look sir and all the best for your future sir.

  • harish 4 years ago

    you are super dancer and i am you are great fan

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