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  • vijay 3 years ago

    Dear Friend, While going through the fan club list of some bollywood personalities, I noticed your brief write up about script writing. Like you, I also write short stories and songs and wish that my songs are pictured in bollywood films. I write romantic, both sufi and pop , both happy and sad songs. The beauty of a song lies in the attraction n sensation it creates in the hearer and if he starts humming right from very first hearing, the song deserves listening.People in the age range of 15 to 45 years will like my songs most. Have u ever heard the song : Kajra re, Kjara re . Compared with this somg, my songs are equally beautiful. A song , if well accepted by audience, can make a singer star overnight. i am in search of such singers who value art, the power of music and dream to become big singing stars . Every one is a potential high performer, but some just need a little help along the way. for them, That help will come from my songs. and for me, I hope the help may come from you. i beleive in the American saying that : Sell the sizzle, not the sausage. My songs will create sensation in the audience in the age range of 15-45 years.

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