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  • gopi 3 years ago

    hihow r u

  • krishna 3 years ago

    i lik shivaji sir very much.he is mind blowing actor.his acting is cool n decent.i lov him

  • dr-baburao-doddapaneni-md-frcs 4 years ago

    Babu Shivaji, Your honesty will make you to suceed.If you happen to be in Newyork, be my guest, 631 262 9407.

  • dr-baburao-doddapaneni-md-frcs 4 years ago

    I watched your Interview on TV9, on Jan 21st.I have been your fan ,so also several of my families settled in usa.I am so proud of You, rajendra prasad, and your producer on this socially responsible great theme movie on these "DONGA SWAMIES" AYYARE.Our countries future is badly damaged by these snakes, manipulating the ignorant, and Uneducated masses.So much energy, time resources were , wasted for personel gains of these sex, drug, Cheaters.a kind of low lives only allowed in india.unfortunately our weak minded relegion, and goonda politicians, and Our relegious priests perverts ,made this as a most profitable business.You will be a super star, you are the gifted original, Your destiny will change.you have convictions, made my generation so proud of you. dr.baburao chowdary, new york. e.mail. My blessings.

  • pavan 4 years ago

    attagu vachhedi 2012 (ayyare film)song was very nice

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