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Shreya Ghoshal

12 Mar 1984 (Age 30)


Shreya Ghoshal or Shreya Ghosal (Hindi: श्रेया घोषाल) is an Indian playback singer. She performed several songs in Bollywood, regional films and also for...
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  • dinesh hassija 3 months ago

    It is very difficult to survive in competitive world. Financial security is a big relief. So why to have ego in the profession. Enen many A class artists from Bollywood have regularly been performing in films and family functions.

  • Guplu a year ago

    Your Voice are Melting My Heart Darling...I'm Addicting to Your Voice Darling...I Love u So Much..You Looking Like Pretty And Great Darling...

  • manisha a year ago

    i Shreya mam, I love your melodious voice. You are very pretty. Your songs are all hit. I pray that you succeed at every moment of your life, because your success makes me proud. i AM MANISH FROM HUBLI

  • suhail a year ago

    Many many Happy returns of the day i love your songs and voice i think u r next melody queen of Indian cinemas

  • umar a year ago

    shreya ur voice is really awesome you are my singer and i love ur voice GOD BLESS YOU

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