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  • margaret-bannon 6 years ago

    I saw Gorillas In The Midst a long time ago and cryed like a baby. Today I watched Sigorney Weaver return to the place where she had made that movie. I was moved especially when Paublo looked right into her eyes to let her know that he did remember her. Even to the point he loved her and she reveiled to him that she loved him too. I cryed to see that emotional meeting. I just wanted to say to Sigourney I feel that someday you will return and live there. I can tell the love you have for those beautiful animals and how they love you. today is July 19, 2009 and I saw this on Animal Planet Ch.44 in East Hampton Conn. 06424 Thank you and GOD bless you Sigourney for all the work you are doing and will do in the future. I know this will not be the last time I hear about your work to help the Gorillas.

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