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Sofia Hayat

06 Dec 1984 (Age 30)


Sofia Hayat or Sofia Hayat-Khan is a British Asian actress, singer and model. Hayat hails from the UK and is of Pakistani heritage. She has worked on both British and Indian...
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  • parul trivedi a year ago

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  • worst kamya dramebaaz a year ago


  • Sharif Ansari a year ago

    Win the BiggBoss. All the best

  • arvind 3 years ago

    I am least concerned, whether this lady is muslim or not! She is attractive, bcz firstly, she is bold. and secondly she has an exlant physique.

  • farid-ahmed 5 years ago

    Problem is she's facing the same outcome as many Catholics who grow up being smothered by their faith. Truth be told she's never been shown the real Islam. So I understand why she does what she does, acts/dresses the way she does. But I guarantee that she will one day find Islam. As for her being a progressive Muslim, at this point she's Muslim in name, that's not progressive, that's just someone who doesn't practice their faith. And if you find her lack of faith/minimal clothing as something that's breaking boundaries for Muslims, than I don't want to be your Muslim brother Saima. Cus let's be real, when I find a Muslim girl for something that leads to marriage, I'd never go for a girl like her, and I'm the type that don't like Hijabi girls either.