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Sonam Kapoor

09 Jun 1985 (Age 31)


Sonam Kapoor is an Indian Actress born on 9 June 1985 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Sonam Kapoor is born to actor Anil Kapoor and Sunita Kapoor. She is the eldest of three children....
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  • bablu 4 months ago

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  • bablu 4 months ago

    Thanks again bablu one

  • hitesh 4 months ago

    hi how are you

  • bablu 4 months ago

    Hi Sonam Kapoor please do take dad Bablu one get together with he be okay

  • bablu 4 months ago

    Hi Sonam Kapoor I just say yes dad not like have Tae with us . ........?..yes your baby bablu one

  • bablu 4 months ago

    Hi still daddy Raaj

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