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  • anil-agrawal 3 years ago

    beauty full and gorgeousness actress

  • mahesh 3 years ago

    Hey spoorthi, you are my kept VJ in whe world. I've been calling you your U2 program since 2 years. But the call was never connected:-( It's obvious because there are lacks of your die hard fans call at the same time. I don't stop calling you in U2 because you are my idol:-)

  • raja 3 years ago

    spoorthi is very cute girl. really i want to marry like girl only. She okays i will marry her its true 100%.

  • spoorthi-suresh 4 years ago

    Thanks a lot! Do watch bodyguard...

  • srijith 4 years ago

    hi dr ur voice is very cute like u only. Be happy always.

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