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  • jaganmohan 4 years ago

    in previous post I mistyped as your music.. Please read that as your lyrics.. Sorry for that :)

  • jaganmohan 4 years ago

    Hello sir, we love your music, we read your nelamma nelamma book so many times. We want to listen all the songs from that book in one CD. Are you planning for that ? please reply

  • naveen-kumar 4 years ago

    hi sir I am naveen from Nalgonda(Bhuvanagiri). I like your lirics very much.

  • avadootha-venkateshwarlu 5 years ago

    Hi sir i am great fan of you, am from ALAIR of Nalgonda District and watched recently the movie "Jummandinadam" am greatly feel about your song "Yemi Sakkagunnavuro na sotta chempampaloda", am attracted very much, please give your mobile number am interested to talk with you sir please give your mobile number sir. thank you sir. it's venkatesh from Alair of Nalgonda District

  • deepak 6 years ago

    hiiiiiiiii sir dont be be the pupet in the hands of political parties regarding the telangana movement act accordingly

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