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  • srini 2 years ago

    I saw her movie Havina Hede recently on youtube and found the movie and her acting and Dr Raj acting all are super, she looks so gracious in that character very adorable

  • gandhiraman 3 years ago

    any contact details

  • suresh 4 years ago

    ava oliya irrukum podhu sema peisu.suma potugune irukanummnu thonum.ava sootha uttu attanum..,gunda irunthalum sema kattaya thaan iruka.ava koothila en poola uttu 5 nimisham edulkama attanum.ava paala kudikanum,ava akkula nakanum,ava vaya kadikanum..

  • p-c-pillai 5 years ago

    she handled more characteric rollin cinema and t.v.serial in tamil also.and done well as far her concerned

  • pradeep-dubai 6 years ago

    She acted with one of the greatest actors of Indian cinema, Kannada actor Dr.Rajkumar in the Kannada film HAAVINA HEDE (1981) and also in some other Kannada movies like DEVARA AATA etc. in early 80's. This must be an age-old photo of hers! She looked really pint-sized on screen!!

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