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Surendra Pal is an Indian film and television character actor who is best known for his television roles of Dronacharya in Mahabharat, Amatya Rakshas in Chanakya and Tamraj...
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  • vivek-kumar 3 years ago

    best character but danger look in saktiman

  • mrk 4 years ago

    Hello sir ur personality is very nice n u look awsome with mustach so ply dont shave mustach n im ur grate fan from gujarat india

  • peeyush 4 years ago

    Hello Surendra, not sure if you remember me I am your friend from GIC and KK Degree college. Migrated to US same time you went to Bombay. Not sure if you follow this site but just in case you do, please drop me a line at so we can catch up. Regards! Peeyush

  • pk 7 years ago

    ur personality is too good. Ur mustache is too good so please dont shave it. You also look good in suit.

  • rinshu-mittal 7 years ago

    hi sir hru u r persnality supereb

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