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Suzanne D'Mello, also known as Suzie Q (Suzi Q), is a Bollywood playback singer known for her Western singing style. She has sung several songs for music directors like A.R....
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  • mantu-sahu 3 years ago

    i am a big fan of her. i like her every songs very much.

  • kabir-mecwaan 3 years ago

    Hi...suzane...i m huge fane of you...and i have a pray for god every single day...for your succese...best of luck

  • raja 3 years ago

    Suzanne D'Mello Great Singer & My Fav Ever4Ever

  • joseph-fernando 3 years ago

    Loverly voice, I heard her songs especially in 'Hosanna' her voice will lift us to heaven. I use to hear her piece in that song. I'm addicted to the song 'Mazhai varum' in Veppam.She is the Best. She is the Best.She is the Best...........

  • ashish-goyal 3 years ago

    what a song! : Hosanna............

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