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  • allie75 6 years ago

    I love Tom Sizemore!! and I am so pissed at the nasty, bitter comment that Heidi made to him on Celebrity Rehab..Tom is an extremely talented man and I hope to see him in movies again showing that nice smile and tough guy attitude! I wish him the best and people like Heidi need to just let him be who he really is and stop trying to cut him down. I love you Tom and keep up the good work! You are AWESOME!!

  • david-lieberman 6 years ago

    Tom, you and I were friends when you lived in Sherman Oaks, on Costello ave.My name is David Lieberman and I know you remember me. I too have struggled with addiction and would like to speak with you. I think I could help you, your parents would have wanted you to do this!They really liked me.please e-mail me @ Lindsey,Eric,Doug,Gary, my 71 Duster, the Mobil gas station,Cindy,Amy,Stacy and the gang. Any of this sound familar? You know it does. Get in contact with me. Your friend. The Schleeb.

  • brogers 6 years ago

    Tom Sizemore is so sexy,talented. it's so sad he's into drugs so bad. he has so much potential. Come and live with me tom, i"ll take care of you. I am a white 48 yr old single woman who would love to show you that your worth it.

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