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Tusshar Kapoor

20 Nov 1976 (Age 38)


Tusshar Kapoor (तुषार कपूर;) is an Indian actor. He is the son of Bollywood actor Jeetendra and Shobha Kapoor and brother of Ekta Kapoor. He studied at the...
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  • dinesh hassija 6 months ago

    back office is more important and difficult though not recognized/popular much... unfortunately most preferred option is facing the camera due to number of reasons...

  • samara 3 years ago

    Happy BIrthDay

  • devendra-punasiya 3 years ago

    i like your acting as Like my big brother; i have a song (written & composed by me)only for you and it will be a mile stone of our life if you have some free time from your tight schedule then please give me only 5-10 minutes to make listen my song so that it will be proved what i am saying i.e. song will be a mile stone. i will wait thx

  • sakshi-jain 3 years ago

    Hello tushaar sir i just want 2 say tht i m yr biggest fan & I can prove it I made a ppt on u plz send me reply

  • rajtilak 3 years ago

    hi Tushar

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