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  • cksmohan 2 years ago


  • dr-sudhakar-shetty-pune 3 years ago

    hamsa i was a very close friend of your father vishwa vijeth and was also close to your grandfather ..i was doing my mbbs when your grandfather expired ..i had acted in a drama with your father and grandfather in 1985...get in touch with me on

  • hamsa-vijeth 4 years ago

    i'm the grand daughter of udaykumar and i'm deeply hurt and unhappy abt the partial information given,i request my grandfather's fans ,not 2 go by this very very very partial information-thank u all.

  • kirubhakaran-s 4 years ago

    I want the name of the movie in which Shri UDaya Kumar has acted as Priest Perumal of Melukote, who silently fights the society(village) of the caste,untouchability and discrimination. Loknath plays the untouchable dalit.

  • subbarayan 4 years ago

    While every one writes about Raj kumar, why there is no wikipedia on veteran actor Udaya kumar? Some body should write on him as he also acted well in kannada movies.Siding him out is simply partiality towards Raj kumar

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