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  • maddy-praba 2 years ago

    cool...too gud.

  • xyz 6 years ago

    She is not that good...She looks terrible wid Zac....

  • rose 6 years ago

    everyone stop! vanessa would do GREATT and is PERFECT for the rolee! who cares if shes been in musicals. this is NOT our choice so instead of complaining be HAPPY they MADE it into a moviee! I think she woul be perfectt!

  • meena 6 years ago

    vanessa hudgens is the sluttiest go on earth there is no way that she should ruin new moon I'm a big fan if the twilight saga and vanessa hudgens would ruin the character of leah Clearwater for most people they should choose a nobody for the role that way new moon won't get bad reviews!

  • arielle 6 years ago

    All I care about is he fact if the movie is great. persinally i think vanessa is an ALRIGHT actress...shes ok. i think, tho, that there needs to be a very strong actress to be able to play a strong character like Leah well. I think she might be considered for the role because of her looks. Sh has a unique beauty about her.