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  • abi 4 years ago

    He is a fantastic actor.I like the movies he has done so far. He is one of my favourite actors. I hope he does more fantastic films in the future. He is a number 1 tamil actor.

  • seetha 4 years ago

    He is an amazing soul...so down to earth n friendly...being a legend's son...he hardly has the air... And I m sure I m not the only one who thinks... For the good looks he has, he should be given more lead roles! Common look at that smile!

  • jay-akash 5 years ago

    wow, i cant believe this. no one likes him. 4 god sake, he looks way better than 3/4 of the actors in tamil industry. hez got a mad physique 2.

  • prema 5 years ago

    hey.....if I was ever in a bad situation.....taking my last breath....I would so rather be looking at his face then someone else's.....he is one hot villian.....he's my number 1 villian dude

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