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Vivek (Tamil: விவேக்)(birth name Vivekanathan) is a Tamil film comedian from India. He holds B.Com. (1978-81) degree from The American College, Madurai. He is one of the leading comedian in Tamil film industry along with Vadivelu. In his career, Vivek has won 5 Filmfare Best Comedian Award for his roles in Khushi, Minnale, Run, Perazhagan, and Sivaji.

In comparison to other comedians in Tamil cinema, Vivek is more of a satirist than a slapstick comedian, who are usually popular in the Tamil film industry. Most of his humour makes people think about the problem and its solution. His roles usually draw humour from scenes of daily life in Tamil Nadu (especially Chennai) and the surrounding regions. Some of his most popular jokes involve serious subjects such as bribery, over-population, and political corruption. Nevertheless, he has appeared in lighter parodies too.

Vivek debuted in with Manathil Uruthi Vendum in 1987. He was usually a comedian in small roles till the late 1990s. He eventually had larger roles and a separate comedy track for comic relief, even in more serious movies. During his peak he was an important part of movies like Kushi, Minnale, Run and Saamy.

During this time, Vivek got multiple Filmfare awards and other awards. In the last couple of years his popularity declined as he only acted in a small fraction of movies compared to his professional rival, Vadivelu. However, with the 2007 blockbuster Sivaji: The Boss, Vivek got more offers.

His long pending movie where he played the lead role Solli Addipean is yet to release due to financial problems. Vivek is married to Arulselvi with children Amritha Nandini Vivek, Tejaswini Vivek and Prasanna Kumar Vivek

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