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2011 (India)
16 Dec 2011 (WorldWide)


Anonymous movie is based on a issue that has for centuries intrigued academic and brilliant minds like Mark Twain, Charles Dickens and Sigmund Freud, namely: ...
  • peregrine-arkwright 4 years ago

    Rolan Emmerich will be pillored, of course; see the leader in this morning's Times. Yet a question rarely asked is "if someone called William Shakespeare single-handedly wrote that unmatchable corpus of literary genius, what became of the success it would generate? Where are the oil paintings of its perpetrator, the wealth bequests, the estates, all the trappings of high celebrity and more?" The answer to that vital question is "nowhere to be seen. Just two unmatching copies of his signature, no contemporary portrait, and a will, as in 'second best bed'. Why is that? Just contrast his exact contemporary Edward Alleyn, owner of the Rose theatre. Alleyn was also an actor on the South bank yet with no pretensions as a playwright. He nevertheless became fabulously rich and the sole benefactor in 1604 of today's Dulwich College and huge estate in Soputh London . Just go to Dulwich Picture Gallery to see oil paintings of Edward Alleyn. By today's standards, political correctness would have us all believe Alleyn would have been totally eclipsed in their exactly contemporary lifetimes by William Shakespeare, yet all the tangible evidence indicates the exact opposite. "William Shakespeare" left no legacy whatever to compare with that of Edward Alleyn. How could that possibly be if he, far beyond Alleyn, he really was the true genius of the late Elizabethan - early Stuart stage?

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