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Babylon A.D. (U/A)

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2008 (India)
29 Aug 2008 (WorldWide)


A few decades in the future, a mercenary named Toorop (Vin Diesel) accepts a contract from a Russian mobster, Gorsky, who instructs him to bring a young woman ...
  • kroker 7 years ago

    The only complaint I have about the movie is that after purchasing the RAW and UNCUt Blueray version of this movie, These idiots changed the ending on me. I HAD seen it in Theaters and they cut out the car chase at the end and they put it in the extras. Then nowhere do you find the original ending where you see vin Diesel with the 2 kids. If it is suppose to be Raw and Uncut, you shouldnt leave anything out. Very disappointed about this.

  • god 7 years ago

    you must remember me while you are doing like this!

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