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Boones Lick

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2010 (India)
2010 (Worldwide)


Boone's Lick revolves around a headstrong woman who drags her family on a rickety wagon from Boone's Lick, Mo., to the Wyoming fort where her husband lives. ...
  • katie 6 years ago

    what does this have to do with the movie?

  • bunyan-10 6 years ago

    Bad enough America's pathologically denying the legacy of its own 45 million exterminations of the unborn ---very largely in the name of 'convenience' BUT NOW ---EVEN WORSE -our decades stale, creatively bankrupt Hollywood is on all fours before the direct heirs of the most awesomely genocidal regime of ALLLLL time ----across the Pacific for funds and VAST market favors. ABSOLUTE FACT 70 million murdered ---in 'peacetime' that you'll never ---EVER be hearing so much as a sustained quality peep about from ANYONE in Hollywood. ABSOLUTELY TRUE -That's right! ----70,000,000 ---and STILL counting. DEAL WITH IT!

  • van-julianne143 6 years ago

    i am such a big fan of julianne moore and i can't wait for the release of this movie. just the synopsis sounds thrilling.....

  • katie 6 years ago

    I am very excited for the release of this movie. Heard the book on tape several years ago and loved it. Always glad when a new western movie come out.

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