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Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

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Release Date

2011 (India)
11 Feb 2011 (WorldWide)


Justin Bieber: Never Say movie is a 3-D documentary centering on the singer Justin Bieber. It follows Justin Bieber with some footage of performances from his ...
  • tessa 3 years ago

    [VIDEO] Justin Bieber Kissing a guy!!!!!!!!!!

  • adam-r-rustico 4 years ago

    Hello Justin Bieber! Your music is outstanding! Because I am highly fond of you, I would like to meet you. I am one of your fans. Not the kind whose gay or trying to creep you out. I just have a good feeling for you.

  • mauzuma 5 years ago

    hey u r damn hot, i love u, want to marry u swthrt.

  • kyla 5 years ago

    okay? Justin Bieber is the only cast? That's all no more cast??????

  • perry 5 years ago

    yeah i agree with that, stick with one talent. I reckon your jumping into conclusions. STICK WITH ONE its much better, from your big fann Perry..

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