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Legion (A)

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2010 (India)
05 Mar 2010 (WorldWide)


Legion is a apocalypse themed fantasy-thriller film. After God loses faith in humanity, the archangel Michael (Paul Bettany) is the only one standing between ...
  • annonaamous 5 years ago

    I totally disagree.. I loved the move.. One day God will get sick of people acting the way they do in today's world.. And soon something bad will happen. We just don't know when it is gonna be. 2012?? Who know's... Why do you think God dimolished the earth before? His people disobayed him.

  • bruce 6 years ago

    Glad I only wanted to wast a couple hours. Legion is one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time, and I've seen Gamers! There is no hint of a "real" story only some garble about a child needing to be saved to save the world - and God forgive's his angle for disobeying him - thought that was how satan came to earth? Anyway, stupid, stupid, stupid. Cheap ripoff's of other bad movies including a better one where Demi Moore's child had to be saved to save mankind. Anyway, don't see this movie if you're expecting anything more than to see people acting strangely without much background. When is Hollywood going to remember how to make a movie with a good plot, even with a B movie - guess we fuel these ridiculous waste of money by paying $10 to see them - and they probably make money on DVD. Whatever - it's terrible.

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