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2009 (India)
06 Feb 2009 (WorldWide)


Push is a American science fiction thriller film directed by Paul McGuigan. A group of young American ex-pats with telekinetic and clairvoyant abilities are ...
  • cobie-blue 5 years ago

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  • cee-cee 5 years ago

    ar you the real Cobie blue?? omg. Cassie may be the best actor but I think you are the best rappa I love you. and my sister said she love you more but that's not true. ohh and Cobie you no when your next album is out because i was woundering if you could send it to me. my email is. thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • cobie-blue 5 years ago

    haa yea. I love push. it's realy kool. well I only watch it cuz I think. Cassie is amaizin. she is soo prety. n she not shy as an actor. she realy good actor. at tha end where tha Asian gurl has a gun to cassie's head. I feel I wanna jump thru tha skreen to protect her. so she made me feel part of tha movie. I think she should win tha best actor in tha world. and tha prettiest but. wat does a 16 yer old dude no. but nominate her PLEASEE. n that's tha first time I asked n said please soo yea

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