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Rambo V

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2012 (India)
04 Jan 2012 (WorldWide)


Based on Interviews by Stallone Himself , the story will be based on 1 of the 2 scripts he wrote for Rambo 4 before he settled for the Burma Plot. First one ...
  • marknicholson 3 years ago

    sly you are my fav actor i fell in love with rocky and now 20yrs later i have every one of your films and you can blind fold me and put any film on and i can tell you the story in seconds i have one wish to be you mate love nicko birkenhead england

  • first-blood 4 years ago

    Hi sly i am great die hard fan. Its always sly who pushing me to the gym very motivated abt the way encourage ppl to do good not harming any one. You again show your love Adrian. your love and respect to woman and just beig human love your movies rockoo. : )

  • sagar-tamang 4 years ago

    Sir you are just great sir you are my guru means my teachers i learn great thoughts from u'r films Sir you are the living Legend On this Planet Sir just keep it up

  • rocky 4 years ago

    Dear Stallone i cannot express my feelings for you in words. The only thing is that my Dad went to England in 80s and watched your movie when he came back he has given me the name "Rocky". Amazingly his name is Sylvester so my name is Rocky Sylvester. You are such an inspiring character to me and my family. God Bless You. love you.

  • jagadish-john 4 years ago

    hi stallone sir you are realy great i watched your all movies your movie toch my heart and i fan your body

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