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Rambo V


Action - Thriller

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04 Jan 2012
Based on Interviews by Stallone Himself , the story will be based on 1 of the 2 scripts he wrote for Rambo 4 before he settled for the Burma Plot.

First one is based loosely on a unknown daughter Rambo discovers he had while in Vietnam. After he is informed by his Father of his daughter, Rambo sets out to meet her . When he does , he finds out that Society is her enemy as she is of Mixed race , whiche possible would be Vietnamese or Indian . She is later kidnapped and or Killed ( rumors regarding both exist) that sets the story for John rambo and his desperation to find his daughter and/or venge her death.

2nd Plot follows Rambo settled in back in Arizona. It is not know if it would take place right after Part 4 or Years later but he becomes aware of a Missing child of a) the Family Maid b) Trautmans Grandchild c) one his ex- millitary buddies relatives . He travels to the Mexican Border where there is a ongoing battle with Human trafficking.