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The Mummy

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Release Date

1999 (India)
07 May 1999 (WorldWide)


The Mummy movie begins in Egypt, circa 1290 BC. In ancient Egypt, high priest Imhotep started a forbidden relationship with Anck Su Namun, Pharaoh Seti's ...
  • puneet-kumar-panday 2 years ago

    I pray to god my favourite actor branden fresher that you get many a ward in your wholle life

  • vivek-swaroop 6 years ago

    hai This is vivek swaroop from india and i am feeling great to post comment on this movie because this was my all time top ten favoute movies of my life when i am 10 years old i saw this film and i was amazed to see the film and the other main thing for which i like this film because i like the egypt very much and i felt thrilled and i felt that i was in the movie but not the brenden frazer. i love to see the next part of the film and i will be waiting for it. Bye

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