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2008 (India)
20 Nov 2008 (WorldWide)


Twilight is a 2008 romantic-fantasy film directed by Catherine Hardwicke and based on the novel of the same name by Stephenie Meyer. It focuses on the ...
  • dj 4 years ago

    I lov twilight!!! ..... Especially Edward!!!

  • sophie 4 years ago

    it was jst fantastic.......and specially edward lkng too gd.....i lv dis movie....

  • skush 5 years ago

    leaving apart whatever was there in the book.. the movie was just fantastic. We could connect to the movie. But i agree the actual script must be done a a little more justice to add the tingle.

  • shrita 6 years ago

    stephanie meyer is a wonderful writer...n i heard both d actors haven't read d books. dat really annoyed meh I just request robert and kristen to read d books and understand d character in more depth

  • jen 6 years ago

    I am so displeased with the movie Twilight. I actually work for a company who does digitial video production and this piece of work is crap. When someone reads a book and then that book is turned into a movie, people want to see those pages come to life. The movie gets the gyst of the story but does not flow with the book and I was extremely dissapointed with the end product and some of the deleted scenes should have been left in the movie as they were actually parts of the book. The screenplay & directing needed a lot to be desired. Hopefully with New Moon, we will get more of the book rather than ideas of what could have happened in the book Twilight.

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