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Breaking the barrier

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Breaking the barrier has always been something that is a struggle for everyone. Taking up any kind of art (in this case movies) is something that any wise mother would say doesn't put food on the table and that has been realized by the hard path that the actors of today choose. They may be stars whom act well in movies and make a whole lot of money by doing so because their acting talent is worth so much-but to the simple minded pressured by their parents dreams and life's hardships, they are ones who have crossed over to "the other side". They play the dream roles, get the dream makeovers, get to do get what they want when they want...all in all call the shots like they fans dream to.

The difference between the fans and them is that they had what it takes and they did what it took. They had the guts to do it and they risked it, which has resulted in their success. That leap is hard on anyone's guts and they risked it anyway. On that great divide rests our fanatism for them, the lifestyle and the success they enjoy. They have achieved what we can if we put in the sacrifice, time and effort and also choose to do so because we want it so bad.

Celebrity is not for everyone. The glamour comes with the early struggles. All our favourite stars have struggled their way through to fame and fortune, which is by no means. Before earning the big bucks, buying the swanky cars and living in palatial houses they had to sweat it out. Jennifer Lopez had to sweep the studio she took dancing classes in and slept in it too because she had no roof of her own to sleep under. Comedians of the likes of Jim Carrey struggled in comedy clubs for years together till they got their big break into movies.

Actors that silverline the music industry worldwide have done their fair share and more of struggling in the industry. They thereby deserve to take advantage of the great divide and the great divide has in the process become the validator of the industry.

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