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Jessica Alba bags $5 million endorsement

Fantastic Four star Jessica Alba is to earn $5
million as the new face of Revlon cosmetics. The Sin City star's first
role for Revlon will be starring in the global advertising campaign for their 3D
extreme mascara. While shooting the commercial in Los Angeles, rumours that Alba
had split from boyfriend Cash Warren were put to rest after he visited her on
the set. A source said: "They are very much together and in love."

Alba's Fantastic Four co-star, Beau Garret, has also been signed
up by Rev lon but is yet to be assigned to a campaign. Alba recently revealed
she visited numerous strip clubs to prepare for her role in Sin City. She
said: "I was worried about lots of things, including my top falling down, my
chaps splitting or even hitting myself in the face with the rope I had to use. I
saw the pictures in the comic book and thought, 'How could I get such great
breasts?' But then I went to lots of strip clubs and watched and learned."

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