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Dita Von Teese strips for glamour in Viral

Dita Von Teese
Glamour girl Dita Von Teese has taken up the role of a scientist not in her real life but for a sci-fi viral for her new Wonderbra range.

In the advertisement, the model enacts the role of 'Heather', a committed but uninspired scientist with a mousy blonde wig and glasses, who dreams of becoming glamorous day by day.

And finally, 'Heather' discovers that the secret to sexiness lies in a Wonderbra, and transforms into the Burlesque version of herself.

The viral has been viewed more than over 5,000 times since it has been posted on the Internet.

"It's a really fun film and represents a stripped down but exaggerated version of my real life," The Sun quoted Dita's comments She added: "I was a little blonde growing up in a farming community, there wasn't a lot of glamour there and I felt very ordinary and plain.

Lingerie is one of the things that came into play when I started to create my own mystique and glamour."

The latest Wonderbra range by Dita Von Teese range will be launched on September 23 in Europe.

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