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Harrison Ford is still the Indiana Jones

New York (ANI): Filmmaker George Lucas has quashed all reports claiming that actor Shia LaBeouf will portray Indiana Jones in his new film, insisting that Harrison Ford is the perfect 'reel adventurer'. Rumours are abuzz that LaBeouf, 22, who played Indy"s son 'Mutt Williams' in this summer's Indiana Jones will be seen as Indiana Jones in the sequel.

However, Lucas made it clear that he intends to portray Ford as Jones in the sequel and at the moment he busy propelling the story of the sequel. "He is Indiana Jones," the New York Daily News quoted Lucas, as telling about Ford. The Star Wars hitmaker also mentioned that the sequel completely depends on the emergence of a brilliant idea and research.

"The franchise really depends on me coming up with a good idea," Lucas said. "And that series is very research-intensive, so we're doing research now to see if we can't come up with another object for him to chase ... hopefully we'll come up with something," he added.
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