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Patrick Swayze can't stop smoking

Patrick Swayze
New York (ANI): American actor Patrick Swayze has been spotted having a smoke on the sets of his new A&E TV series The Beast, despite battling cancer.

Swayze, who announced in January that he has pancreatic cancer, was caught puffing away on a cigarette while talking to a crewmember, as he took a break from playing an FBI agent. The Dirty Dancing star has been a smoker for years and he has admitted to having smoked up to three packs a day, the New York Daily News reported.

The 56-year-old actor was even told off in March when he was caught smoking after undergoing chemotherapy treatment at Stanford University Medical Center. But even though he is smoking, he seems to look a lot healthier these days, and not like the time when he appeared gaunt at an L.A. Lakers game in May.

Swayze had even announced in late July, "I'm a miracle, dude!" Recent studies suggest that smoking a pack or more a day can dramatically increase a smoker's risk of developing pancreatic cancer.
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