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Latest James Bond flick criticised for glorifying armed violence

James Bond
London (ANI): The posters of latest James Bond flick Quantum of Solace depicting a metre long machine gun, have been criticised for glorifying armed violence. After British Advertising Standards Authority banned 'Wanted' posters in UK for glamorising the use of guns and violence, the Anti Gun campaigners want James Bond posters banned on the same grounds.

With the growing rate gun crime amongst the kids in the UK, the campaigners emphasize on the ban. "Kids are killing each other they are shooting and stabbing each other and everyone has to take responsibility for stopping this." The Daily Star quoted Lyn Costello from 'Mothers Against Murder and Aggression', as saying.

"We have not received any complaints yet, but if we do then there is a process that has to be followed," an Advertising Standards Authority spokesman said. However the James Bond flick company Sony Pictures did not comment on the whole issue.
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