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Gary Busey voted as the unsexiest man

Gary Busey
Washington (ANI): Veteran actor Gary Busey has been voted as the unsexiest man in Hollywood in a new poll. Conducted by Moviefone.com, the second position went to American actor Kevin Spacey followed by Justin Long at the third. Comedian Paul Giamatti and Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman wrapped up the top five, reports Contactmusic.

Busey tops the unsexy list, "because he's outrageous and he has gigantic teeth", according to editors at Moviefone.com. Ageing rock star Rourke finished eighth ahead of Joaquin Phoenix, with an unkempt beard at ninth place.

Top 10 unsexy actors are as follows:

1. Gary Busey
2. Kevin Spacey
3. Justin Long
4. Paul Giamatti
5. Philip Seymour Hoffman
6. Randy Quaid
7. Michael Moore
8. Mickey Rourke
9. Joaquin Phoenix
10. John C. Reilly

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