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Ledger's dad finds going to Oscar ceremony bittersweet

Washington (ANI): Although Hollywood actor Heath Ledger"s father, Kim, is more than proud that his son has been nominated for the esteemed Oscar award, he feels that going to the ceremony on behalf of his late son will be a “bittersweet" experience. Kim says that if is his late son wins, he definitely speak a few words.

He, however, adds that it is not necessary that Heath will only win, as anything can happen at the Oscars. "I may say a few words," US Weekly quoted him as telling TMZ.Com. "I'm extremely proud. You can''t expect to win something like this. [The Academy] could just as easily turn left, as [it] could go right. You can't take anything for granted," he added.

Meanwhile, Kim"s whole family from Perth has come to Los Angeles for the Oscar ceremony. "We're all here," Kim said.

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