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Robert Pattinson overshadows Kristen Stewart

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Where is Kristen Stewart? you might ask. It"s not that she is not in the news or that the media is bias but it"s a fact that Robert Pattinson, her co-star in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, has received more attention.

In spite of her great looks, Kristen has been the underdog. So much has been talked and written about her alleged boyfriend Pattinson from his topless appearance in New Moon to his house hunting to his small willy, as if there is nothing worth talking about Kristen.

Maybe the huge fans following that Pattinson enjoys is responsible for the gap. The feedbacks to our article “Robert Pattinson surplus: How much is too much? published a couple of days ago, are revealing enough. Fans just can"t have enough of him. “I will never have enough of Robert Pattinson - he rocks my world. I am totally Robsessed," wrote a fan. They feel he is the hottest guy around.

The kind of characters they play in New Moon could be one of the reasons for the uneven weightage of publicity and fame. Pattinson plays a vampire, whose character is strong, while Kristen"s character is weak. He even goes to the extent of stalking in the name of protecting her while she keeps craving for his love.

It looks like Pattinson will walk away with all the accolades that come out of New Moon.

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