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Sarah Jessica Parker's child's surrogate mother, a ''bisexual''

New Delhi (ANI): The w oman, chosen by Sarah Jessica Parker to be the surrogate mother of her child, is reportedly a bisexual rocker. The ''Sex and the City'' actress and husband Matthew Broderick are expecting twin girls, and sources have revealed that the woman carrying the babies has pink hair and tattoos.

America''s Star magazine had identified the pregnant female as 26-year-old Michelle Ross, who is said to have previously acted as a surrogate for a gay couple, and is mother of a four-year-old son of her own. "I have had pink hair and tattoos and spiked collars. My favourite shoes are five-inch black spike heels, which lace up the front. I love metal and rock down to the bones,' wrote Michelle on her MySpace profile.

Michelle''s ex-husband Joseph Erker has claimed that she has a symbol of bisexuality tattooed on her wrist, reports the China Daily. Talking of Michelle''s overlapping pink and blue triangle inking he said: "She told me that is what it stands for, she''s bi."

He also said that Michelle "discovered a dark side in herself" after losing their first baby, and the heartbreak was what inspired her to help other people. He added: "She said she wanted to become a surrogate to help people who couldn''t have children of their own." However, Michelle has refused to confirm whether she is donating her womb for Sarah Jessica and Matthew.

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