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Anne Hathaway bares it all for Love And Other Drugs

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Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway has quite a few sex scenes with her co-actor Jake Gyllenhaal in her latest movie Love and Other Drugs. But as if those scenes were not enough to show skin, Anne went a step further and got naked before the crew of the film for no reason. It was just a case of misunderstanding, as Anne explained during the New York City premiere of the film.

Actress Anne Hathaway had to remove her trench coat and be nude underneath that. She went ahead and did it only to realize that they were not shooting but just rehearsing. So she bared it all without a reason. But a professional that she is, she claims that she just went ahead and did her job.

Although Anne did not look uncomfortable or uneasy during the nude shot, she has said that there were butterflies inside her stomach. However, Anne dismissed it as an internal problem and did not let that get in the way of her work. Jake, her co-star has even complimented Anne for her 'rhythm' in the sex scenes. Both Jake and Anne should have felt comfortable in the lovemaking scenes, as they had also slept together in the film Brokeback Mountain.

Jake has said that the fact that they had done sex scenes for Brokeback Mountain took care of any nervousness that they might have felt shooting for this film. Jake, in the movie Love and Other Drugs, plays the role of a pharmaceutical sales person called Jamie Randall, who hooks up and sleeps with Maggie, played by Anne, as he sells her a sex enhancement product for men.

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