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chloe mafia,x factor hooker Chloe Mafia arrested over 140 times

Chloe Mafia
London, (ANI): chloe mafia,x factor participant Chloe Mafia has been arrested more than 140 times and was caught breaking the law almost every day as a youngster.

The 19-year-old embarked on a boozy life of crime in her early teens and went on wild sprees that involved violence, street robbery and stolen cars. Chloe and her ex-boyfriend were caught breaking the law almost every day as youngsters.

"They caused mayhem wherever they went and whenever they wanted. She and her boyfriend were really wild and forever in trouble when they were younger. They were arrested more than 140 times together. They were even on tag together," the Mirror quoted a friend as saying.

However, the mum-of-one hid her criminal past from chloe mafia,x factor bosses, fearing she would be booted off the show - wrecking her dream of becoming a star. The friends used to call her 'Bad girl" and her boyfriend 'hustler" and they loved their nickname so much that they even got tattoos of them.

"But things changed when they had a kid together. Since Destiny was born two years ago they've turned over a relative new leaf. They've split but are still really good friends," the friend said about couple"s mended ways.

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