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Harry Potter - Miscellaneous prop facts

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Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson
The Flights:

Shed: The Chamber of Secrets, Umbridge"s Office, The Typing Pool, and Weasley"s Wizarding Wheezes

Miscellaneous prop facts:

  • Dan Radcliffe has been through 160 pairs of glasses during the shooting of all the Harry Potter films
  • 40 versions of Salazar Slytherin's locket had to be created to accommodate Ron and Harry's failed attempts to destroy it.
  • 5 32-ton trucks' worth of polystyrene were needed to create all the rubble for Deathly Hallows.
  • To keep brooms light-weight and aesthetically on spec, aircraft-grade titanium is employed in their structure.
  • 900 Memory Vials were made for the cabinet in Dumbledore"s Office.
  • 250 paintings have been created for the Marble Staircase
  • Producers David Heyman and David Barron were immortalized in portraits for the Marble Staircase.
  • 210,000 coins were made for the Gringotts bank scene for the final two films alone


  • Dan Radcliffe wore out 60-70 wands during the making of the Harry Potter films
  • Every wand that you see in any of the Harry Potter films is created on-site. No two wands are alike…not even the Weasley twins"!
  • Wands are 13-15 inch long and haven"t changed in length, so the actors have had to grow into them over the years.
  • Dumbledore"s wand was a very elaborate design, even though its significance of being the Elder Wand was far from being known when made.

Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes Shop Facts:

  • The shop contains bright windows and harlow shelves crammed with jokes, tricks and magic. It is a colorful icon and a bit of defiant fun in a depressed Diagon alley with Olivander's Wand Shop destroyed a few doors away.
  • It took construction three months to build the set
  • It is three floors high and has three staircases
  • The team consisted of three graphic designers and five additional assistants. All the products/labels were printed and assembled at Leavesden
  • Three concept artists and the graphics department designed 120 products.
  • Concept artists designed 8-10 hero props (hero being the term for the main props the actors use), such as the Puking Pastilles sculpture and the WWW sculpture, and graphics did more of the paper/signage/fireworks.
  • The painters used thousands of liters of paint in seven colors
  • The cash till was bought on eBay and adapted.
  • There is a moving ladder that Fred and George travel on around the shop.
  • There is a 20-foot-high mannequin in the front window of the shop of one of the twins. His costume was specially printed & dyed white felt. He lifts his hat & underneath is a white rabbit, when he lifts his hat again, it reveals a fez.
  • 90 huge balloons were printed with the Weasley "W".
  • Approximately 223 names were cleared to use for the product names
  • A bicycle enthusiast made the balancing Umbridge bicycle from scratch
  • 6,850 labels were cut for products
  • 300 liters of silicone were used to make the Puking Pastilles & all the other sweets in the shop
  • 600 gummy eyeballs were made as well as 600 shopping bags, 300 meters of hand dyed orange cord and 5,000 printed boxes. 400 of those boxes (the Skiving Snack boxes) were specially made in the Czech Republic
  • The graphics team of eight worked exclusively on WWW for 3 months & used approximately 460 reams of A4 paper/ 350 ink cartridges. There were 73 different fonts used, along with 500 rolls of tissue paper and 250 meters of printing paper.
  • The shop was designed into three sections – Fireworks and Explosives; Muggle Magic and Consumer Products – which included the Love Potion and Floo powder. In the book there were three or four products mentioned – the other 110 products had to be created by the staff.
  • The graphics department sat down and brainstormed and came up with many ideas, including one of their favorites - Rubby O'Chicken.
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