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James Franco, Winona Ryder to star in The Stare

If we are to go by reports, actor James Franco and actress Winona Ryder are set to team up for the upcoming movie, The Stare. Sources claim that they will play the lead roles in the Jay Anania-directed movie. Produced by Waterstone Entertainment, the film will start shooting from May 6.

The Stare deals with a story of a playwright, who is driven mad by dreams and visions of being watched when she tries to launch her next production. Winona Ryder is said to be reprising the role of a playwright, while James Franco will take the role of one of the performers in the playwright's production.

Jay Anania, who is Franco's former teacher in New York University, is writing the script for the movie. Besides playing the lead, James Franco will also produce the film, which will be the first in a slate of films produced by Waterstone Entertainment.

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