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Michael Fassbender’s Prometheus look inspired by David Bowie and Lawrence of Arabia!


Top Hollywood star Michael Fassbender, whose unique look in Ridley Scott's upcoming much anticipated sci-fi saga Prometheus has been widely discussed, says it's been inspired by musician David Bowie and Lawrence of Arabia!

Says Fassbender on his avatar in Prometheus, "Yes. That was Ridley's initial idea for the hair and for the look. He's the robot. Or humanoid. Or android. Or whatever you want to call it. We also took inspiration from David Bowie and some of his looks as well. I liked the idea of having a feminine quality to him for sure. Both Lawrence and David Bowie have elements of that. He's curious about everything. Something blowing up or something killing him, if that happened, there would be curiosity right up until the moment that it happened. He thinks, I'll do this because that will have a knock-on effect and I might learn something else from it, rather than it having anything to do with morality."


Well, trust Scott to come with something new as always! Prometheus stars Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce and Logan Marshall Green. Prometheus is all set to release on June 8th 2012.

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