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Helen Flanagan fears over her sexy photos getting leaked online

Actress Helen Flanagan may not be worried much over the gems worth thousands and other valuable things that she lost at the masked men's gang robbery at her Cheshire. But one thing that bothers and scares the ex-Corrie beauty the most is her iPhone. Yes! She had saved some of her raunchy photos and intimate text between her and ex-beau Scott Sinclair in the stolen iPhone. Now, she reportedly fears that they would get leaked online, thereby landing her career in trouble.

Talking to The Sun, a close pal of Helen Flanagan, "Helen's mortified at the thought of the photos and texts going on the web. She doesn't want her solo amateur stuff bouncing around the net for ever. It's all very well doing sexy poses for mags in a studio. But daring shots taken in the privacy of her home are very different and were never taken to be made public."

Helen Flanagan, who is not shy about stripping off for the camera, thinks that her career will be affected if her personal content gets leaked on the net. Despite having lot of tension, the actress took to her Twitter to thank fans for their support. She tweeted, "Thank you for your kind messages of support about the burglary x got a phone last night." She added, "Soo much to do! Trying to get back to everyone also I've lost all my numbers xxx (sic)."

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