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Hollywood Celebrities Who Have Poor Hygiene!

Who says that all celebrities are just perfect? There are a few Hollywood celebrities who are rumoured to lack personal hygiene. It might be shocking to know but some of the celebrities who look perfect on-screen can just turn you off with their bad odour. While some have bad mouth odour, a few have been criticised for body odour.

You might be thinking that these Hollywood stars try hard to keep themselves presentable and clean. However, there are a few Hollywood celebrities who not only suffer from bad body odour but mouth odour as well!

One of the shocking celeb is Robert Pattinson. Yes, you read it right. The handsome Twilight star apparently suffers from strong body odour which apparently drives his crew members crazy! RPattz has himself accepted in the past that the star's hectic schedule doesn't let him change clothes. He said he doesn't clothes till "it gets to the point where even I can't stand the air around me." Well this is pretty yuk as we did not expect the hunk to be so poor in personal hygiene.

Shocking right? Well there are more in the list so check out the slideshow to find out which Hollywood celebrity has poor personal hygiene.

Hollywood Celebrities With Poor Personal Hygiene:

Hollywood Celebrities Who Have Poor Hygiene!

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