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Emma Stone B'day Special : 6 Things You Didn't Know About Her!

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Emma Stone, the hot redhead beauty turns 26 today, November 6, 2015. One of the prettiest actresses Hollywood could ever have, has been dating the Amazing Spider Man 2 actor Andrew Garfield since 2011!

Today, while the actress celebrates her birthday, we decided to enlighten you with the other aspects of Emma. She isn't just a redhead beauty who rose to fame because of her looks. She was nominated for Golden Globe Awards for 'Easy A'.

She's definitively one of the most talented actresses whom Hollywood can never imagine losing. You can see what an extremely talented actress she is through many of her movies. 'Birdman' is one of the best examples.

And, she is also the only lucky actress who's got the chance to kiss Ryan Gosling more than his own girlfriend, Eva Mendes! Ahh! How lucky could one get with Ryan Gosling than Emma Stone?! Their on-screen chemistry is too much to handle.

Emma Stone has starred opposite Ryan Gosling in the movie 'Crazy Stupid Love' and the duo will be seen together on-screen again in their forthcoming movie, 'La La Land'. We sure, are awaiting for the movie to hit the theaters soon.

The 'Aloha' actress hasn't hidden her real life romance either. She met her actor boyfriend Andrew Garfield on job. The couple went open about their relationship in 2011 January. Strolling around NYC streets with coffee in hand is their favorite pastimes.

Did you know that her real name isn't Emma? She changed her real name, 'Emily Jean Stone' to 'Emma Stone' when she was registering for an audition. The name Emily Stone was already taken. So she chose Emma. Many still call her by her real name.

The list doesn't end at that. There are many more things you wouldn't know about the actress. We have chosen the 6 most interesting facts you ought to know about the birthday beauty. To start off with:

The Redhead Beauty Isn't Naturally A Redhead

Emma is famously known for her copper locks, which aren't actually real! She was born blonde. The producer Judd Apatow made her change the hair color to red for her role in 'Superbad'. It has since remained her signature style.

She Has Two Phobias

One of her phobias is the fear of being lifted up. Yup! You can see her expression when Ryan lifts her on his head in the movie. Another thing she's scared of are spiders. Spiders scare the life out of Emma.

When Her Sex Scene Went Wrong

Embarrassment doesn't spare anyone! The actress had one such humiliating situation when she was doing a fake sex scene for 'Easy A'. She had an Asthma attack and it was on the second day of the shooting.

You Know Who's Her Best Lady Friend?

Emma Stone's best gal pal is none other than Taylor Swift. Little did we know that Emma was on Taylor's squad, too! The two celebrities have been friends for years now.

She Cries A Lot

Irrespective of how bold and funny she's represented in her movies, Emma Stone is a crier in real life. She cries a lot. She poured her eyes out while receiving her MTV 2012, Trailblazer award.

She's A Farmville Addict

We can relate to this factor of Emma's. The actress isn't a social network savvy. You know why? Because, she got addicted to Farmville and had to delete her Facebook account!

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