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5 Disney Characters With Serious Mental Disorders!

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Disney is one of the top sections of Hollywood with regard to the revenue it makes and the amount of media consumption. Millions of people watch their favorite Disney characters with certain kind of behavior & Billions of dollars are earned by the media company in return.

Over the years, Disney has expanded way beyond just the digital media. The Disney products and amusement parks have become every child's fantasy. Hundreds of thousands of children dream to be a part of the Disney world.

The characters of the Disney shows and movies play a very important role on the minds of the children. As they grow up watching their favorite characters act in a certain way, they tend to imitate them and dream of becoming one of them.

For instance, the unrealistic body type of the princesses in all of the Disney movies and show has had a very negative influence on the children over years. Young girls thrive to achieve a body similar to their favorite characters and end up starving themselves.

It was until long ago Disney showcased its female characters to be feeble and helpless. Cinderella was subject to a lot of verbal and physical violence from her step mother and sisters as she grew up. She was so helpless that only a prince could rescue her.

Characters like Snow White and Ariel seldom spoke to a female companion. They never had lady friends. They preferred staying by themselves and despised other females around, as there were only evil female counterparts.

It isn't just the little girls' population that's being subject to this kind of a treatment from Disney. Young boys who grow up watching these stories tend to have a very isolated behaviour, too. Majority of the stories in Disney have dead parents.

We decided to take you through a few more examples. Not many of you would be aware of the kind of mental disorders your favorite Disney characters possess. Below we have chosen 5 famously known Disney characters with serious mental disorders:

Ariel : The Little Mermaid

The character Ariel from the little mermaid movie is a Hoarder and Kleptomaniac! She likes to collect everything possible that seems like a trash to the others. She wouldn't pick them from some place, but steal. She also has body image issues. Always trying to look perfect.

Scar : The Lion King

Scar, the King of The Pride Lands from the movie Lio King is a sociopath! The character with a creepy grin killed his brother, King Musafa and was planning to kill his nephew, too. Just hope your children or siblings don't end up hurting each other.

Peter Pan : Peter Pan Movie

If you've closely observed, Peter Pan is quite against growing up to be a responsible individual. He says, "Once you're grown up, you can never come back". What on earth does this supposed to mean? Influenced by such characters, world will be filled with hippies living in parallel world.

Cruella De Ville: 101 Dalmatians

It sure is fun to dress up as the character from 101 Dalmatians, Cruella for Comic Con and flaunting her eccentric sense of fashion. But, do you realize what a sociopath the lady is?! She wants to wear a coat made of those little puppies' skin! We couldn't be surprised if children want to skin their pets alive.

Tramp : Lady And The Tramp

Well, looks like commitment issues isn't just restricted to this generation. The character Tramp, from Lady and The Tramp has some serious problem, committing to one girl. The dog is a womanizer who loves to fool around being flirtatious. The worst part is, the female dogs find the playboy too charming to resist.

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