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5 Hollywood Celebrities Who Have Gone Through Cosmetic Dentistry

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"She has a million dollar smile" & "His smile is so charming" are the two most common comments made about celebrities with a beautiful set of fangs. Some say, the smile alone speaks a thousand words and more.

But have you ever wondered how these Hollywood celebrities obtained their mesmerizing smiles? We aren't claiming that all the celebrities have fake set of teeth, but some definitely do and they look way different from how they looked before.

So, you think it's about time the "millionaire dollar" smile was re-defined? Because, it could also mean a million dollar was spent on achieving the new smile. Also, the teeth job did help them earn millions by making them look more appealing.

We are all aware of various other kinds of cosmetic surgeries celebrities choose to go through to make themselves look more appealing (in their terms). One of the best examples of such a celebrity is our dear Kylie Jenner, who has changed drastically. 

Some actresses and reality stars choose to rather maintain their natural body. A few actresses look too young for their age. These actresses, mother of their children and over 40 years, are still shining bright in Hollywood.

For instance, Demi Moore, the actress in her 50s doesn't look half a century old! Demi had a set of yellow teeth who were slightly crooked until she chose to get a cosmetic dentistry. The actress now has a pearl white, too well set.

It isn't just the female actresses who have gone under knife for getting a beautiful set of teeth. We have male celebrities like, Jim Carey and Urban, who have looked much appealing since their cosmetic surgeries.

Since we all know so little about what's hidden behind these naughty, charming and appealing smiles of the Hollywood celebrities, let's take a look at the truth side of it. Below we have 5 Hollywood celebrities with before and after cosmetic dentistry pictures:

Tom Cruise

The Mission Impossible actor didn't always look as hot as he looks today. He started off his career with a set of yellow off-aligned front teeth. In the later stages of his career, the actor got his teeth altered.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron, famously known for his roles in the 'High School Musical' series is a teenage girls' heartthrob. But, not always did Zac look so cute. He was gap-toothed until he got many veneers.

Miley Cyrus

Remember how Miley looked in Hannah Montana show? The singer doesn't look the same anymore. All thanks to her cosmetic dentistry that set her teeth in order and whitened them as bright pearls.

Victoria Beckham

The fashionista and hot wife of soccer player, David Beckham is also on the list of celebrities who have undergone cosmetic dentistry. Victoria Beckham had her teeth straightened and bonded before she starred in the show 'Spice Girls'.

Morgan Freeman

The older veteran actors, like Morgan Freeman have had teeth jobs, too. Morgan Freeman has whitened and straightened his teeth. His teeth were subject to gap and color change due to aging.

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