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Hollywood Beauties Who Shaved Their Head & Yet Looked Gorgeous!

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Hair is believed to play a very important role in enhancing a woman's beauty. In Hollywood, the actresses, singers and musicians are known for experimenting with their hairdos. But, not all of you know much about the divas who shaved their head!

The ladies in Hollywood create news every single time they change or carry a new look. Most of them do it to appear different and gorgeous. But, some of the actresses and musicians have shaved their head for their movies and music videos.

We aren't looking at the fashion aspect of bald look here. We are rather concentrating in the reason behind the bold bald look. We'll look at the passion behind the roles they played with the no hair look and what they had to say about it.

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Women with no hair was a taboo, long time ago. Not only was the beautiful tresses of the Hollywood divas making them look good, but also helped them express themselves through it. For decades, the women have been identified through their hairstyles.

Some of the actresses had the talent to play all kinds of roles with their signature hairstyle and some Hollywood models had a signature hairdo throughout their career. While a few actresses and musicians even decades ago, styled theirs' differently.

The long tresses on a role was considered to make the character look innocent and delicate, and the short or bald look was more rugged. The hair on the head of the male characters has also defined them for years.

Natalie Dormer, the 33 years old 'Game Of Thrones' English actress shaved half of her head for the movie 'Hunger Games'. Her golden cascade looking hair was present only on the right side of the head and completely gone on the left side.

Below is a list of famous Hollywood divas who shaved their head for movie roles, music roles and personal reasons. Let's have a look at these beauties flaunting their no hair look:

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman decided to shave her beautiful Brown tresses for her role in the movie ' V for Vendetta'. The movie was successful and helped the actress earn the Best Actress Award for her role.

Jessie J

The singer, Jessie J shaved her head for the 'Comic Relief' show. She got her head shaved while getting filmed. When she appeared on the BBC live show she said, bald head is "the weirdest feeling".

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron absolutely rocked her bald look in the movie 'Mad Max Fury Road'. The 40 years old American actress did justice to her role 'Furiosa' by rocking her look through the movie and later.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is known for her versatility in real life and on-screen. But never had she cut off her hair entirely until she decided to act in Les Miserables. Her acting was just enhanced more with her bald look.

Britney Spears

When Britney Spears decided to show the world her bald look, a zillion questions were raised. For a long people believed that the singer was going through a rough time and hence she decided to express it through her look. Later her manager claimed it was to hide the impact, drugs had on her.

Demi Moore

In the 1997 'G.I Jane movie', Demi Moore picks up a razor and gives herself a buzz cut to prove that she's tough enough to be a apart of the Navy. The movie wasn't successful though.

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