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Hollywood Celebrities Who Had Serious Injuries On Sets!

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We often assume that Hollywood celebrities have very easy and smooth lives. Not many of us know about the pain or difficulties they put up with. Nor do we know much about the injuries they would have had while shooting for our favorite movies.

Some of the celebrities haven't just had a rough life before earning the stardom, but continue to have a hard time while filming for movies, shows and songs even after becoming famous. These injuries have taken some of them to the ER!

Not always the actors and actresses use a stunt double. We recently told you how Jennifer Lawrence had a serious ear infection while performing the water stunts for the movie 'Hunger Games'. And Emma Stone had both her arms broken once.

If these romantic or drama movie actors hurt themselves to such an extent on sets, ever wondered how hard it would be for the action movie stars? For instance, actor Jackie Chan, who has throughout his film career worked on action movies!

Chan has suffered from every possible injury while shooting for his movies. During the filming of 'Police Story', the actor suffered a second degree burn, back injury and dislocated pelvis! All this happened while sliding down four stories on a metal pole.

The injuries on set doesn't spare anyone. It isn't just the movie actors who end up with broken back or dislocated jaw. Musicians have experienced such accidents while filming their music videos, too. There have been instances when the entire set has burned down.

Mariah Carey had to be rushed to the New York hospital late in the night as she dislocated her shoulders. This was while she was shooting for her music video, the remix of 'Beautiful', which was directed by her husband.

We have a few more such celebrities who suffered from serious injuries on sets. If you are someone who gets grossed out by blood and broken bones, but yet curious to know how badly your favorite celebrities were hurt, then here you go:

Halle Berry

The 49 years old Academy Award-winning actress, Halle Berry has hurt herself many times while shooting for her films. One such serious injury she experienced was on the sets of 'Cloud Atlas'. She broke her foot real bad.

Johnny Depp

The 'Pirates of The Caribbean' actor had a serious back injury while performing stunt for the same movie. Johnny said,  "I must have done something to my back during a stunt and ended up with this bad sciatic situation. It was this horrible, grinding electricity going through me,"

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga returned from New Zealand after her tour with a black eye and a concussion. One of her backup dancers accidentally hit the singer with a pole right in the face. It took weeks for Lady Gaga to heal from the injuries.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, who was in his best shape for his movie, 'Troy' suffered from a tendon tear while shooting the fight scenes. The movie had to stopped from filming for 10 weeks until Brad Pitt's condition got better.

Charlize Theron

The actress, Charlize Theron has performed hundreds of stunts for many of her action movies. While she was doing a backflip for her "Aeon Flux", she landed on the neck and it ended it a herniated disc. The filming was shut down for 8 days.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, who separated his shoulders during a shoot had this to say, "My last injury was a separated shoulder on 'Green Lantern.' I just popped it right back in. Lamest superpower of all time,"

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